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Mattias Skarin

Active Agile Leadership Skills TTT June 2023 (remote)

June 1, 2023
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Mattias Skarin

Organizational Agility Train the Trainer - Aug 22 - (remote)

August 22, 2023
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Mattias Skarin, Marcus Castenfors, Jan Grape

Empowered Teams Applied TTT Aug 23-24th (halfdays) (remote)

August 23, 2023
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Why leveling up leadership pays off

Does leadership styles impact company performance? We did a roundup of studies to find out.


Shaping Agile Culture

Shaping Agile Culture - Video with Jimmy Janlén.


The Power Of Dreams - How Linus Lundqvist has beaten the odds to four championship titles

A tribute of Linus Lundqvist's win in Indy Lights 2022! In the video, we also share a "behind the scenes" glimpse of the Agile mindset and the Active Agile Leadership techniques that Linus’ team has used over the years to beat the odds.

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"Loved applying it to actual situations in our group conversations"

Christoph Wiese

Engineering Director, Joyn

"Great and useful content"

Thomas Rusert

Engineering Director, Joyn

Thank you for a wonderful training program



Great compilation of the relevant concepts!

Holger Tangermann

Fascinating, and never boring!

Jacqueline Jorgas

Agile Coach, Disrupt Consulting

"I could use the examples in real life, really cool!"

Katja Guiri

Brand Manager, Joyn



Scientific/Evidence based

We learn by observing data and drawing inferences and insights from it. Having a scientific mindset matters because without it, we would just believe anything.

Active, not reactive

There are several ways through which good leadership can be seen. But leadership is never a passive act.

Grow creative, thinking people

Creativity is essential to development and innovation. Your job as a leader is to grow thinking, responsible people and an open atmosphere safe for individual risk taking.

Effect driven responsiblity

There are many ways through which a desired effect can be achieved. And there is uncertainty along the way. We do however embrace resposiblity for the desired effect and for the system/environment that enables us to realise it.

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