Introducing the Practice Library!

Have you ever wrestled with these questions in a leadership scenario?

“How can I get the company to be more proactive and self organized without me being around all the time?”

“I’m a practical guy, I get most theories, but what do I do with them?”

“What is a good start when we are talking about building an Agile organization?”

If so, then this is for you.

Today we launch the Agile Leadership Practice library.

Building the system/environment that produces results

The practice library is a system approach to leading. It recognizes that many factors depend on each other, and should sometimes be moved together. It answers the question, “how do I lead through others?”

All practices in the practice library have been field tested in fast growing Agile companies.

A good start – not everything you possibly need to know

The goal is not to share everything you could possibly need to know, rather we point at the ones that will give you a good start. Some of them are good habits (keep them up!) while others are system level choices which, if made right, unlock energy and potential; and if made wrong, or too late, will drive heavy growth pains.

Be Agile, don’t do Agile

Think of processes as the icing on the cake. They are not the essentials of the cake. Process is a function of your system. Process will (and should) change continuously as the company evolves. The leader who has the foresight to think ahead designs the system such that processes can be light weight and easily changed, as summed up in the Agile manifesto, “People over process”.

First practice area: Forecasting

The first practice area to be launched will be Forecasting. Why does it matter? Read the story from Troy on the value of forecasting below. If we would make a crude and simple add-on argument to Troy’s being able to quantify uncertainty for critical projects, it would be: it can save careers (and not just for you)!

Expect more soon!

We will launch the practice areas incrementally, roughly a new one every week. Keep your eyes peeled on the updates on or simply sign up to our newsletter (bottom left)