The C-level perspective: 20 years of leadership learnings in 20 minutes – interview with Malene Krohn

SimCorp has made a remarkable growth journey over the years. From a startup to a global company.

That journey has involved more than one transformation, a late one: adopting Agile. But what is truly amazing is how the company keeps pushing the boundaries. For example: the company realised that Agile cannot fly without leadership. So how did that shift impact senior leaders? Hear the story direcly from Malene Krohn, senior leader.

In the interview:

  • As a C-level leader – how has your perspective of leadership shifted during the years?
  • What are the hallmarks of a good leader?
  • How do you detect good leadership material?
  • What should C-level leaders focus time and energy on?
  • How leaders at SimCorp built a strong culture