Leadership Mindset

The leadership mindset that underpins Active Agile Leadership is:

  • Scientific/Evidence based
  • Active, not reactive
  • Grow creative, thinking, responsible people
  • Leadership is a skill, not a position
  • Leadership is a lifelong learning journey

This philosophy is revered and validated in leadership training materials and respected by trainers.

Scientific/evidence based

We learn by observing data and drawing inferences and insights from it. Having a scientific mindset matters because without it, we would just believe anything. Having a scientific mindset is a way to explore. We humbly recognize that there is a lot to learn. But when we explore, we put merit on real world data.

Active, not reactive

There are several ways through which good leadership can be seen. But leadership is never a passive act. Refraining from micro-managing does not mean being passive as a leader. Problem solving, self-leadership, challenging and growing your surrounding are all proactive acts of leadership. A leader never hides behind a team. You only shift your focus. It is through relentless development and learning that you stay ahead of the curve. There is always a new challenge to rise to.

Grow creative, thinking, responsible people

Creativity is essential to development and innovation. Your job as a leader is to grow thinking, responsible people and an open atmosphere safe for individual risk taking. The best leadership craft recipe for doing this is when the organization you lead becomes self-managing, retaining a growth mindset at all times.

Leadership is a skill, not a position

Leadership is a skill that can be learned, it is not a position. It is an act that anyone can do, when the situation calls for it. It happens when a team stumbles upon a problem, and a team member takes the initiative to solve it. It happens when a product owner prioritizes what matters. It happens when a manager of an architecture team chooses to listen to reasons behind low motivation and problem-solves the causes. In short, acts of leadership can be small or large, but it is something everyone in an Agile organization should be comfortable with.

Leadership is a lifelong journey

Leadership is a lifelong learning quest. Keep the spirit of curiosity alive!