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Active Agile Leadership is a platform for leadership training for the creative, innovative and lifelong-learning leaders that push the boundaries.

We started this platform out of a basic need – how to grasp the essentials of what it takes to lead in an Agile environment, equipped with a scientific/evidence-based perspective.

The Active Agile Mission

Make leadership into a playful, evidence based craft
- applicable to you

Does Agile bring something new to leadership?

We believe it does. While we build on and recognize the body of accumulated knowledge on leadership over time, the situation is changing.

The market perspective

Shift in technologies and consumer behaviors mean products, services and business models need Agility. The speed of change can be observed in, for example, the Automotive industry, in TV & Media, in Retail, to name a few. New opportunities are being created by adding a fresh digital experience on top of existing services.

The company perspective

Shorter time to market and the needs to produce a compelling customer experience means enhanced collaboration between functions is essential. The ability to retrain, adapt and align the organization on discovered market opportunities is the crux . This points to the necessity to see Agile as a mindset and a competence instead of a process.

The speed of decision making is key. Expect to make decisions at a faster pace, and with fragmented data. If you wait till you have perfect information, you are waiting too long.

The employee perspective

Do you have the right environment for me to grow and develop in? Am I given autonomy to figure out the best way to solve the problem? Are we embracing a learning culture?

These are strong drivers for attracting skilled people and to make them stay. Such an environment doesn't “self-emerge”, it takes focus and attention to grow. This requires a shift in leadership style from command & control to building the environment where people engage. As a leader, this involves paying attention to system factors such as clarity of purpose, culture, competence, and Agile architecture & tooling.

Finally, expect to lead people with stronger minds and with a higher degree of specialized knowledge than yourself. This requires leaders who can shift effortlessly between directing, coaching and training.

Our quest is to prepare you for this situation, building skills, self-confidence and a curious mindset such that when facing uncertainty, you confidently move forward.

A platform, over “one school of thought”

"Do not develop an attachment to any one weapon or any one school of fighting."

Miyamoto Musashi, 17th century Samurai

A platform is our way to empower leaders to be fluent in techniques, without narrowing their view to one singular perspective or school of thought.

Be Agile, don't do Agile

Agility is a mindset. Processes are tools.

Practically applicable

What we keep on this platform should be practically applicable and field tested.

Millennials-compatible content

We value your time! So let’s distill the essentials. We make an extra effort to keep contents concise and engaging.

Leadership is a lifelong learning journey

The number of situations you can apply leadership in is limitless. There is no way we can prepare you for everything you need to know on leadership. What we aim to do is to build your leadership skills and self-confidence so that when facing your “unknown”, you embrace the challenge unflinchingly and shine forth as a true leader.

If you bring curiosity, we bring applicable skills. Game on!

Ready for more? Explore the mindset that underpins this platform.